elco_komp«К&К Rus» is one of the leading suppliers of industrial automation components. Our supply program includes Omron Industrial Automation, Wago, Siemens, ABB, Rittal.

– Support from leading foreign manufacturers.
– Efficient system of cargo delivery from Europe, South-Eastern Asia, America
– Spacious warehouse in Moscow, enabling to maintain the necessary stocking level by the projects.

«К&К Rus» provides delivery of following commodity groups:

– Automation systems (programmable logic controllers, appliances of remote input/output, human-computer interfaces, software..)
– Driven equipment (motion controllers, servo systems, frequency converters (inverters)
– Sensors (photoelectric sensors, induction sensors, angular encoders, measuring sensors, computer vision systems, fiber optics sensors of identification system…)
– Security systems (emergency stop switches, end safety switches, door protective systems)
– Switches, security system sensors, controllers and safety relays, programmable safety system, efficient safety insurance…)
– Controlling components (temperature controllers, Power supply sources, timers, metering units, programmable relays, digital panel metering indicators…)
– Switching components ( electromechanical relays, solid state relays, low voltage commutation switches, control devices, limit switches, push button switches)
– Systems of cable protection (corrugated pipe, splitters, adapters …)
– Connectors (couplers, contact points, sealers…) and many more…