Company WAGO is one of world leaders in production of wiring terminal blocks and sockets. WAGO components are widely applied both in a household electrical wiring and industrial installation in the places demanding the increased reliability and vibrostability: innovations and the German quality secure long and reliable work.

Company WAGO was founded 1951 in a city Minden, Germany. Now WAGO Group includes 32 companies worldwide which staff number totally amounts to more than 5000 employees. The first plant was opened in a city of Minden where the company’s headquarters is located. Opening of plants in Domdidye, Switzerland in 1977, Milwaukee, the USA in 1979, Sondershausen, Germany and Delhi, India, in 1995, also in Tianjin, China and Wroclaw, Poland in 1997 became a new stage of development.


Company “K&K Rus” represents the official distributor of WAGO producer in the territory of the Russian Federation. In regards of all technical questions and operational framework please contact the manager of Wago products, Kirill Kalinin: +7 (495) 981-85-16 ext. 7021 or k.kalinin@kkrus.ru.


wago-pr1 Building terminal blocks


Mounting plugs for DIN-latch

Pass through terminals, 2- and 3-level terminals, grounding terminals, Ex terminals, high current terminals, diode terminals, terminals with fuses and breakers, connectors TOPJOB®S, X-COM ® SYSTEM, X-COM ® S.


Plugs and connectors for mounting to printed circuit board

WAGO MULTI CONNECTION SYSTEM (MCS. MICRO, MINI, MIDI, MIDI CLASSIC, MAXI as well as picoMAX®). A wide variety of terminals and connectors for PCB mounting, modular terminals, two-, three- and four terminals, terminal blocks, split decision.


Components for automation

Input output system WAGO-I / O-SYSTEM
Wireless technology, remote control technology TO-PASS
Controllers / Industrial PC.
Modular I / O-SYSTEM IP67


Interface modules

Relays – Optocouplers – special features
Interface Modules
power Supplies
Overvoltage protection

wago-pr6 Catalogs of WAGO products

Spring-Equipped Shield Clamping Saddles (790 Series)

00279567_0 00279572_0

Boasting a unique latching mechanism, WAGO’s spring-equipped 790 Series Shield Clamping Saddles feature exceptional usability and the simplicity of force-free mounting.

Utilizing a spring solution, the shield clamping saddle is fastened on the busbar at the precise pressure required for optimal contact and shielding effect.

The spring also simultaneously compensates for any settling of the cable, and the large shield connection area ensures good discharge performance.

The shield clamping saddles are suitable for various mounting options, e.g., 10 x 3 mm busbar, specialty slotted carrier rail and mounting plate.

They are available for shield diameters ranging from 3 to 20 mm:

• 3–8 mm (790-208),
• 6–16 mm (790-216) and
• 6–20 mm (790-220).

For safety and convenience, all three variants can be clearly labeled with marking strips or WMB markers.

POWER CAGE CLAMP: High-Current Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks


285 Series High-Current Terminal Blocks with POWER CAGE CLAMP for 35, 50, 95 and 185 mm² (2, 2/0, 4/0 AWG and 350 kcmil) conductors

Like our original CAGE CLAMP®, the POWER CAGE CLAMP connection technology is fast and easy to wire, vibration-proof, corrosion-resistant and 100 % maintenance-free. The newest addition to the POWER CAGE CLAMP family means WAGO boasts the most comprehensive spring pressure offering of rail mount terminal blocks in the market today – ranging from 0.08 mm² (28 AWG) up to 185 mm2 (350 kcmil).

Wiring large conductors is easy:

• A simple twist of a standard hex wrench opens the wire entry way
• Pushing in the orange button locks the spring open for hands-free wiring
• After inserting the conductor, a quarter turn of the hex wrench completes the connection

Smaller conductors can also be connected utilizing the appropriate power tap accessory. Convenient accessories, such as: jumpers, warning cover, test adapter, continuous marking strip and WMB markers, are also available.

smartPrinter 258-5000

smart printer

The smartPRINTER is a high-performance thermal transfer printer with a resolution of 300 dpi with which you can print all roll marking materials by WAGO in an inconceivably short time.

Straight from the factory, it has all pre-settings for the marking materials in the “markingSTRIP” TOPJOB® S Series and for the universally applicable “WMB Inline” markers.

The smartPRINTER is equipped with the latest and most important interfaces. With proper handling, the device distinguishes itself through its long life span. The printer is easy to operate and distinguishes itself on the one hand through its robust processing; on the other hand through its sophisticated arrangement of the most important components.

2060 Series: For Manual and Automated Wiring Systems

wago_200-xl Gurtverpackung wago_00266202_0

If you are looking for a universal solution for connection of purely surface-mounted PCBs, then the 2060 Series SMD PCB terminal blocks are your ideal choice. Thanks to their integrated push-buttons, these terminal blocks also offer particularly easy and time-saving handling.

The 4.5mm thick PCB terminal blocks are used both in LED applications as well as in other flat-design electronic groups. They are designed for solid and fine-stranded conductors with cross sections from 0.2 mm2 to 0.75 mm2 (AWG 24 – 18), and solid conductors can simply be directly inserted. The clamping mechanism can be easily opened to connect and remove all types of conductors using a push-button.

Universal Use in a Variety of Applications

Universal use of the SMD PCB terminal blocks of the 2060 Series not only enables time-saving, automated wiring of series modules, but also easy wiring of modules with different types of conductors within the end applications.

2060-451/998-404 – 1-pole terminal
2060-452/998-404 – 2-pole terminal
2060-451/998-404 – 2-pole terminal