«К&К Rus» – the supply of electronic components and materials for development, production, modernization and repair of industrial electronics and industrial automation for the purposes of the most comprehensive and effective problem-solving, management of production processes and equipment.

Constant monitoring of market conditions allows the company to keep prices at acceptable levels, in order to create the most favorable conditions for customers, and most importantly – for the successful development of joint business.

The range of products of foreign producers is more than 300 thousand items and is divided into the following groups:

– optoelectronic devices and display elements
– capacitors, resistors, quartz, throttles
– relays
– connectors
– transformers, fuses, fans etc.
– components for the repair of household and industrial electronics
– instrumentation, power supplies, etc.
– housings for radio-electronic equipment
– everything for radio montage: tools, materials etc.

A variety of goods maintained in stock in sufficient quantities that can satisfy most of the orders. In order to supply non-stock products, our company maintains close connections with the warehouses of several large foreign companies, or, if necessary, places the order directly to the factory of the manufacturer. More accurate information about inventory and the possibility of its delivery is available by phone, fax or email. You will receive a response to the request within 24 hours, if the product is available in our stock and within three days, if you want to confirm the presence in other warehouses.